The Ride

The Ride

Designer of "The Ride", Nic Lyness, describes this game as "A personal experience game that attempts to convey how it feels to Ride. Make you feel the freedom that I feel. Show you the world through my eyes for a brief time."

Myself, Chris Ware and Johan Deecke worked together to create the music track and sound FX for the game over the course of two weeks. This included recording a motorbike from the rider's perspective. We recorded the bike through an F8 recorder and a mic selection of: MK416, SM58, E845, G3 & PZM Boundary Mic. The foley was recorded through an Audient 4816 console with mics: SM7B, MK416 & NTG3. All sounds were edited and mixed inside Pro Tools. For more information on our production process please refer to my reflective blogs HERE, or check out a podcast of myself, Chris and Johan reflecting on the project below:

Grab a build of the game HERE

Below is a gameplay video along with sample tracks of the in game music and bike recording.


This is a screen recording of gameplay from the game "The Ride" developed by Nic Lyness.