Atlantis Animatic

Atlantis is a short animation created by Macauley Bell, which depicts an underwater scene from the novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, written by Jules Verne. The animation doesn't depict anything specific from the scene. It is more of a snapshot of time within the world that Verne has created. I was brought on to the project to create an underwater sonic environment and also to give the scene an ominous feel.

Due to limited time and resources I chose to record several water and guitar samples and manipulate them within Pro Tools to give the effect of being underwater. All sounds were recorded with a Sennheiser MK416 into a F8 Recorder. For more information about my processes on the project please refer to my reflective blog HERE.

The audio that I originally delivered to the animator (which features in the video below) was, in my opinion, unsatisfactory. I have since updated the audio to a more professional standard, which can be heard in the sound block below. I will link the updated animation upon its completion.