Ink & Icing TVC

Ink & Icing is a fictional company created by graphic designer Jasmine Wake. This TVC was created with the intent of experimenting and showcasing Jasmine's design skills. I was brought on to the project as an audio consultant to take the audio a step further. A music track had already been created but no other audio had been recorded. Out of respect for the composer, I kept the music track as the main focus. I then recorded some foley and mixed it in with the music track to place the characters inside a 'space'. I also made minor edits to the music track to adjust the timing of it in relation to the events of the TVC.

The TVC can be viewed below. I hope you enjoy!

Commercial for Ink and Icing, a Studio 3 Project at SAE Institute Brisbane. CREDITS: Creative Director: Jasmine Wake Director: Matt Ives Director of Photography: Mathew James Production Designer/Gaffer: Kate Jorgenson Editor/Compositing: Riley Clare Producer/Assistant Director: Jaden Bowen Composer: G.Hickman Sound Designer/Re-recording Mixer: Ash Ball Thanks for watching!