Mindstate is a game that explores a series of emotions and feelings in a cycle. You control a mythical creature on a fanciful floating isle, and as you explore this uninhabited space you will trigger emotional changes that affect your character, and hopefully you too.

Chris Ware and I created all of the audio for this game, including music, atmos and sound FX, over the course of 3 weeks. I worked as primary producer for the music tracks while Chris was primary producer for all of the sound design & FX. We utilised a Neve 75 Custom Series console to record all sounds along with a small array of microphones: U87, Royer 121, SM7B, SE4, C414 & MK416. All sounds were recorded and processed using Pro Tools. We also made use of the middleware FMOD to create smooth transitions for the music and atmos tracks. For more information on the production process for this project please refer to my reflective blogs HERE, or check out a podcast of myself and Chris reflecting on the project below:

Below are the sample music & atmos tracks from the game. A gameplay video will be added once released. 

Grab a build of the game HERE.

Character & Animation

Happy Level

Anxious Level

Depressed Level

Calm Level

Map Overview